About Us

We’ve been helping small businesses since 2001. President & owner, Scott Jensen graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Management Information Systems. As a Project Manager for a valley company with several call centers he often dealt with the large gap between the technology professional and the end-user. When he started T & S Computer Solutions, he wanted to work to bridge that gap and educate the users so they could better understand technology. This in turn would help save the customer time and money when it came to managing their own technology. As we build relationships with our customers we can better understand their business and we can develop ways to leverage technology and maintain systems.  Proactive system maintenance and security is the key to minimizing or eliminating downtime and allowing you to concentrate on your business and do what you do best.

Why do you need T & S Computer Solutions?

  • Save money
  • Conserve valuable resources
  • Less downtime means more productivity
  • No IT employees to manage (We take care of everything)
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Growth management
  • Peace of mind

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